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such as public safety incident

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 incidents and accidents difference in the actual processing. For final processing is concerned, the key is to find a legal basis. "Accidents do not necessarily have to deal with the people, such as natural disasters caused by nuclear leaks to deal with less people. Some events, they have to deal with people, such as public safety incidents. Incidents or accidents, and how accountability is no direct relationship between the key is to look at the government as there is a direct or indirect responsibility for the fault. "Professor distinguish reconstruction and Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Shanghai Gu Linsheng joint Disaster Reduction and  new balance 996 mens    Emergency Management Promotion Center director Baitao yesterday in an interview with Beijing News reporter interviewed have pointed out, the "accident" and "incident" in the wording - Sichuan University actually not much different. Unexpected "event" occurs regardless of the activities organized accidents "accident" or unorganized spontaneous gathering of people, most importantly, the relevant government departments willTo carry out contingency plans. "Regardless of whether the organization, such massive crowds, the relevant government departments must take into account the associated risks, including the risk of terrorist attacks, when the terrorist attacks, such a large crowd gathered, the consequences could be disastrous."3Investigate whether 20 days is too slow Be submitted within 60 days of the relevant provisions of the investigation report, the expert said, "be very 



fast."According to People's Daily reported that former State Department counselor, the national emergency management experts Chunchang pointed out that "in accordance with the State Council Decree No. 302, which the State Council on major accidents administrative accountability provisions for investigation of incidents, the requirement is 60 days after the incident proposed investigation report. The State Council Decree No. 493 issued later request is 60 days, if you need to also be extended. The survey period totaled 20 days, 21 days of publication, it should be said that very quickly. ""The survey in full swing." Production Safety Authority deputy director of Shanghai flower Keqin introduction, the survey group, 38 people full time, has joined the work of a total of over 100 people.Deput new balance 670 womensy Director of the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Municipal Emergency Office director Xiong Xinguang explain why the findings published in the 20 days before:. "The key is to have to find conclusive evidence of the formation of the investigation report, supported by strong evidence and relevant personnel accountability." 20 days, there have been 51 government workers surveyed group conversation asked.Shanghai Joint Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management Promotion Center director Bai Tao, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zhou Jianxin security experts told reporters yesterday on the Beijing News, "20 days of such a survey report issued, be very quickly."Wang, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Supervision Bureau introduced the supervisory authority in accordance with the relevant provisions of the cause of the incident and other aspects of nature determined to carry out 




investigations of incidents involving violations of the monitoring objects, and make a decision according to the law to monitor, monitor or make suggestions."The whole process of the investigation must also be monitored, so that the investigation in line with the law. To handle responsibilities identified personnel must also be objectively true. On confirmation of responsibility for these people, punishment grades, need to be very strictly punished in accordance with the civil service regulations, etc. relevant regulations, which have the relevant instruments must complete all of the finds, after I have reviewed, identity, signature, say each person to be accountable, they should bear the responsibility for the matter and accept the punishment attitude, make a written  new balance 580 womens  statement. "Wang said confirmation of responsibility to go through the municipal government executive meeting discussed and adopted, such as disciplinary action bureau-level cadres, must be approved by the Municipal Standing Committee.4Why not a higher level officials accountable Investigation team concluded that the Huangpu District government and relevant departments can not shirk responsibilityAccountability in the list released yesterday on a total of 11 people responsible are concentrated in the Huangpu District level leadership. Why focus on the responsible person accountable results at the district level In this regard, the joint investigation team members, deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Office at City Hall earlier interview, said Liu Ping, according to "People's 

ubordinate units and other unit

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night, Huangpu District, about 270 yuan per capita consumption of cadres. But did not pay for it."Current approaches official reception clearly prohibits the subordinate units and other units, enterprises and individuals to pass reception costs." Against Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, Deputy Secretary-General Gao Bo pointed out that if the party and government cadres in state-owned enterprises operating, investing restaurant consumption is not closing , do not pay, there are bound to suspected irregularities.Yesterday morning, new balance 577 sale  the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference to release "12 * 31" Bund jostlement incident report. Investigation report stated that the incident was a mass activities to prevent the lack of preparation, poor site management, deal with congestion caused by improper disposal of the stampede and caused heavy casualties and serious consequences for public safety responsibilities events.Survey finds Huangpu District government has the primary responsibility for the management of the incident, the Public Security Bureau of Huangpu have direct management responsibility for the incident, Huangpu District Tourism Bureau, Municipal Administration Commission of Huangpu District, Huangpu District, the Bund Scenic Area Administration Office of the incidents occurred bears management responsibilities, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau for the incident bears responsibility for the supervision and management guidance.Investigation report recommended including Huangpu District secretary Zhou, Huangpu District, Mayor Peng Song, including 11 party and government officials be punished. Among them, Zhou was removed from their



 party posts, Peng Song was removed from their party posts, administrative removal.Yesterday, the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, a staff member of the Beijing News reporter, said the report issued by the joint investigation team "should be the final findings of the stampede." For asks whether there will be more high-level officials punished, the Information Office, said there had not received notification.Last night, the government announced the Huangpu District, Shanghai, the Bund crowded stampede victims' families will receive 800,000 solatium. Among them, 500,000 for a government bailout solatium, 300,000 yuan for social assistance payments. The amount of aid soothe disabled persons, will be separately determined in accordance with new balance 1500 uk wounded, injury and disability identification of specific circumstances.FocusJoint investigation team members, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Emergency Office informed Xiong Xinguang, Huangpu District government leaders on key areas related to the possible risks ideological paralysis, improper warning measures, is the main reason for the stampede occurred. Specific reasons include five aspects, one of the New Year's countdown less than expected risk; the second is the New Year countdown change information bulletin propaganda is not timely, adequate; three is ready to prevent a serious shortage of security programs only Bund source estimates for Bund scenic protection, insufficient police force; Fourth, the flow of personnel monitoring is not timely, did not follow the crowd to report changes 



every half hour; five is to deal with improper disposal, did not support the request made to the Shanghai Public Security Bureau report.ReviewCrowded stampede caused 36 dead 49 injuredXiong Xinguang yesterday quoted survey reported that the incident that night 23:23 to 33 points, after constant flow of people up and down the ladder in the middle to form a hedge in a stalemate, and then form a "surge." 23:35, stalemate flow downward pressure increased sharply, resulting in a fall at the bottom of the ladder it was unbalanced, sparking more than fall, layers, resulting in crowded stampede occurred. Incident caused 36 deaths and 49 people injured. Currently, there are 46 people injured and discharged, there are three people in hospital, of whom two were seriously injured, one person slightly injured.Survey report pointed out that after the crowded stampede occurred above the ladder and enthusiastic crowd of people in the police under the command of tourists began to retreat, and gradually reduce the density of the top officers, the police and the public began to be crowded tourist stampede rescue personnel moved to the plains. Many people spontaneously with tourists around the adult body wall, stocked with a width of three meters ambulance new balance 999 uk channel. Site public visitors in doctors, nurses spontaneously joined the rescue work, to have vital signs emergency rescue injured persons.23:41:22 onwards, Shanghai Medical Emergency Center 120 began to receive emergency calls. 23:49 onwards, there have been 19 ambulance arrived Chen Yi Square, conduct on-site treatment and transport the wounded. Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau of Huangpu open the emergency channel, the mobilization of police, 

02 times commuting times

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02 times commuting times high-speed rail, sell tickets to February 28.Yesterday, the railway authorities made it clear that two high-speed rail car Linke earth will pause to run.The railway sector, "said Jing Yan EMU" is in line resources is extremely tight opening, at the time fixed for thnew balance 580 mens e Linke train sets were run to perform the task. In D9022 times, for example, after a tour in the morning to arrive by EMU Yanjiao Beijing, will regroup for D45 / 44 train, perform Beijing to Dalian transportation tasks.With spring beginning February 4, Beijing will be an additional Linke train travel across the country, issued by the Beijing train will be very dense. In this case, in order to ensure the normal operation of the Spring Festival, the railway sector will be based on passenger traffic, suspend some train sets running task, therefore, "Jing Yan EMU" will be temporary outage starting February 1st.Meanwhile, in the spring before the end of March 5, Beijing will usher in the peak passenger flow back to Beijing, Linke high-speed rail between Beijing and Langfang therefore suspended since March 1.Jing Yan EMU attendance is not much more than halfAccording to the railway sector, from January 12 to open the line on the first day yesterday, 10 days time, Yan Jing three times EMU average daily number of passengers is about 400 people. Among them, the departure time coincided with the morning rush hour times D9022, the largest number of day attendance on January 12 日 (周一), reaching 464 people in attendance than Qi Cheng (the date of the train times for 8 groupin



g, with a total capacity of about 700 people ).D9023 is a start in the evening peak times when it will be opened for 16 since marshalling January 16 日 (周五) 453 ride, nearly forty percent attendance.After the evening peak D9024 times, departure time point of embarrassment, has become three times EMU in attendance lowest trip. January 16 only 68 people to ride, January 18 passengers most of the day, only 131 people on the bus.Between Beijing and Langfang G9001 and G9002 high-speed rail commute times there is a similar situation, since it opened, in addition to nearly half of the first week of attendance, after only about 100 people in attendance each day.Yesterday, reporters Login 12306 website, these two lines are a lot of train ticket pre-sale period, passengers can buy a day that is gone. For Beijing Yan EMU attendance is not high, the Jiu San Society "in Beijing, Tianjin and integration as an opportunity to accelerate the construction of Beijing suburb (the City) rail network," the report's author considers relevant, in the opening line of the vehicle does not fully comply with the timing of the people traveling needs, such as at night Yanjiao Beijing to train departure time is 17:50, unable to meet the needs of workers, "real normalization commuter trainsnew balance 574 mens  should be running, and go to meet passenger demand for that."Meanwhile, on commuting costs to consider, although the fare 10.5 yuan expensive, but tickets, tickets, real-name ticket system and other aspects have to be time consuming and take into consideration down the high cost."This is not a railway department can solve the problem." The person that does not want to consider long-distance passenger rail impact, this is normal, but if things do commuter train



s, they should have more departments involved.Should accelerate the suburban railway network constructionBeijing Municipal Committee, vice chairman of Jiu San Society Yan Fang proposed integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing should be an opportunity to accelerate the construction of Beijing suburban railway network, will be around Beijing Zhuozhou, Guan, Langfang, Yanjiao, can be incorporated into the suburban railway service radius, and You can dock intermodal logistics system with the new airport empty iron.Fang Yan said, basically consistent with the Beijing Railway Network "ring of radiation," the road network and urban structure; railway both external radiation, and 11 Metro orientation toward basic agreement. Beijing urban pattern, terrain, both network scale development has inherent advantages suburban railway.Fang Yan suggested that Beijing suburban railway construction mainly for commuting to work or school, travel, etc., the basic characteristics of the suburban railway is the bus lanes franchise, multiple operating mode, the use of the national railway network. Compared to other modes of transportation, the suburban railway low-cost, large capacity, environmental protection, small footprint, safe and convenient.Fang Yan alsonew balance 420 mens  suggested that Beijing could consider building connections liangxiang Tongzhou passenger KSL, make rings within the existing line network capacity, the use of the station building dahongmen normal speed passenger Central Station, will be directed to the general speed passenger area outside the urban core , so that both can make the core area of the railway line network transport capacity, and can guide the development of the city to the south, around the railway station t


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